About Suntouch Design

Company Overview

Suntouch Design formed in San Diego in early 2008 as a collaboration between John Compton and Kevin Chevalier. Our mission is to provide clients with the platform and tools necessary to successfully build a strong online brand. We believe that this is best accomplished through visually compelling design that is standards compliant, rapid deployment of new content, ease of use through simplicity, providing users with an interactive experience, and creating a firm web presence that is highly visible and easy to find. We are committed to providing each client with a unique solution to their online needs.

Kevin Chevalier

After studying Computer Science and English Literature at San Diego State University, Kevin Chevalier moved to Tokyo, where he worked at a private high school for a number of years. Soon after returning to his native San Diego he helped co-found Suntouch Design as the Technical Director. He has been programming for 18 years and designing websites for 10. He is fluent in PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript, XHTML, XML, CSS, SQL, Linux and Apache.

Email Kevin: kchevalier@suntouchdesign.com

Worthington Foster

As Director of Sales, Worthington brings over 8 years of web experience to Suntouch Design, LLC. Working with clients to help translate their ideas into amazing websites, he is dedicated to providing the highest possible customer service.

Email Worthington worthington@suntouchdesign.com

John Compton

As the Creative Director, John Compton brings over 10 years of rich media experience to Suntouch. After graduating from University of Missouri-Columbia, John served as the Director of Public Relations (and later Web Manager) for St. Louis Music, Inc. an international musical instrument manufacturer. Moving to San Diego in 2001, John went on to an extensive career in the film and television production industry working as a both a field and studio Sound Engineer. Currently, he provides Suntouch with creative designs, XHTML, CSS, and any other rich media needs.

Email John: jcompton@suntouchdesign.com

Our Philosophy

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the world today. The traditional boundaries of what are referred to as 'online' and 'offline' are becoming increasingly irrelevant as the Internet matures as a medium of mass communication. The Internet, mostly through the large search engines and newer social 'aggregators', has become the primary means of information discovery for many. This is especially true for younger audiences, who have grown up alongside the Internet and for whom its usage is second-nature. It is for this reason that online branding is more important than ever: because an online brand is synonymous with, and sometimes more prominent than, its offline counterpart.

It is widely recognized that the Internet has democratized information to an extent never before seen. But the corollary to this - that it has created the greatest marketplace for ideas and influence - is often overlooked. At the heart of any market is competition; the larger and more democratic the market, the fiercer the competition. Due to its very nature, then, it follows that competition for an audience on the Internet is amongst the greatest to be found anywhere. One of the most effective tools for the successful acquisition and retention of market share in the face of stiff competition is to develop a strong brand. One merely has to look on the continued success of such companies as Coca-Cola, Disney and Apple to see the power of a strong and unified brand. A strong online brand will generate interest, and that interest in turn generates traffic. Traffic is the gauge by which success is measured on the Internet; it generates revenue and heightens influence.

At this point the question, "Who needs an online brand?" may arise. The answer is simple: everyone. Whether you are a company, a group, or an individual, whether you sell merchandise or just want to share your opinion, you can benefit from the advantages a well-developed brand offers. To make the point, let's rephrase our question as, "Who needs traffic?" The answer to this should be obvious. After all, nobody has a website for no one to see. At Suntouch Design, we believe that a strong brand is vital to success in today's marketplace for ideas.

In order to develop a strong online brand, the expectations of today's users must be examined. First, he expects a visually engaging experience reflecting current trends in popular design. The design needs not only to be appealing, but must also function as an intuitive interface for navigation and interaction. This interaction is also an important element of online branding. The modern user is no longer satisfied with passive information and entertainment consumption; she now demands to be an active participant in a community discussion. The best example of this is the rise of YouTube, the popular video sharing site. Where television represents the old, passive form of entertainment, YouTube represents the new form of interactive entertainment, with users posting their own videos and replying to others'. Another important component of a successful online brand is a steady stream of new and relevant information. This will help cultivate a relationship between the user and the site, as he may become a return visitor instead of a one-time surfer. Finally, in order for the preceding elements to be effective, the sight must have a significant online presence and be easily findable. To achieve this, proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques need to be utilized, from the site architecture to developing reciprocal relationships with other online organizations.

At Suntouch Design, we don't simply create websites - we develop online brands. All of our designs are unique and tailored to our clients' needs, while adhering to the latest industry standards and best practices. Our database-driven sites offer both user interactivity and content management (CMS) for the administrator, allowing instant updates with no extra software and a simple, custom designed interface. Every site we design is structured with SEO in mind, targeting certain keywords for high placement in search results involving them. It is our mission to provide every client with the platform and tools they need to successfully develop a strong online brand.